About Us

Semi Functional is an Everquest raid guild on the Mangler TLP server. We were founded on the principles of respect, cooperation, and transparency. Our goal is to build a community of tight-knit players where we come together to slay pixels in a relaxed, yet efficient, environment. We value our members, and trust them to know their class. We empower our leads and officers to perform their best. We are here to have fun, but we also know how to get down to business when raiding. While we are not perfect, we are Semi Functional!


The Highlights

- DKP & attendance begin in Kunark
- Target raid force of 50 - 60 players
- Open & transparent bidding system
- 60% raid attendance over 30 Days
- Epic drops awarded by raid attendance & quest progress
- Experienced & respectful leadership
- Relaxed, fun, and efficient raids
- Dedicated to building a community

Raid Schedule

We raid three nights a week in eastern time zone.

Sunday | 6:00 PM EST

Tuesday | 7:30 PM EST

Friday | 7:30 PM EST

Leadership Team

Aurelio & Mazikeel

Recruitment Officer

Raid Lead

Semi Functional

16 User(s) Online Join Server
  • Bram
  • Feng
  • Ruben (Meth Lab Alchemist)
  • Kaesha
  • Theophania
  • Mazikeel
  • Fatman
  • Stealthicide
  • Lain

Ready to Join the Semi Functional Team?

Join us in Discord and get to know us better!

Applications can be submitted on our forums.  First, go to our forums and register an account.  Next, proceed to the "Apply to Semi Functional" forum.  An application template has been provided for you in the stickied post.